Writing, your secret weapon to influence.

Writing is a skill, I love to write, but it’s difficult to write effectively and to draw a reader like you onto a page, especially when it is boring and long. When I write to you I need to get you to be drawn in through vivid metaphors and useful ideas. Each piece of writing has to have a single message, the core, and here I want to teach you how to write persuasively.

I used to write my own thoughts on medium.com but after a long hiatus I decided to start writing here. Why? Because I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to see if I can create a better user experience, and to improve my writing and my design skills at the same time. To this I created a black background with white text and adjusted the line spacing to make it easier and faster to read.

I love great writing, a great writer is someone who can metaphorically hold your hand and take you on a learning journey. They try to make you re-think your own notions and question them, to open up against the seeds of judgement. If you can write an idea that turns conventional thinking on it’s head but also to explain clearly and simply why your opinion matters, then you will have a great career of writing ahead of you.

Writing is one half of the equation, the other half is learning how to write. To do this I have been using the internet and books on writing and I will share with you some of the resources in my writing journey so that you can become a better writer. I have to recommend George Orwell’s Politics and the English language. This is essentially an essay on how to write better, and even though it was written over 70 years ago, I feel that it is as relevant now as it was then.

Over the past few years I have found that whenever I write, I have learnt a lot about myself. I can critically analyse to see what I could improve on. The real skill is to write passionately, but also to make you feel what I feel. I write to persuade. Even though I am writing on a mass media platform on the internet I need to make it sound personal so it sounds like I am writing to you. To do this I try to type in the same way as I speak, it makes the process of writing this a whole lot easier.

Always check your work. I have regretted sending out work to print that contains obvious mistakes or grammatical errors because I couldn’t be bothered to read my work. The internet has made my life easier, I can use it to check for spelling and punctuation rules and also recently copy and past text to apps that check the readability of my work. Honestly the internet has made me a better writer, from the programs and apps that I use to the blogs that I read.

If you want to persuade effectively, you’ll have to avoid the confirmation bias. This is where you form an opinion on something and because you are so fixed in that opinion you don’t believe anything that contradicts your beliefs and values. The confirmation bias is the result of your ego. Avoiding confirmation bias makes you humble, and this will change the way you think. You may not like somebody’s opinion, but not having bias means you can adapt your opinion if you think they are right or if your argument is strong persuade them with your opinion.

I have also written a few articles and now when I have to read what I wrote I realise how my writing has changed. I appreciate good journalists and writers that can write to persuade people or to make people think. Writing, like advertising, is an ideas business, it’s the art of selling an idea. People like to know things other people do not know about, if you can write effectively enough, your readers will always be willing to share your ideas.

What do you think, do you agree that this is well written, or maybe you disagree? Please let me know by giving me a shout through the E-mail above.

Victor Li


"Great writing is the concept of sharing a single story, to a simple idea that's ready to be shared."